Blog all the things!

Lately life seems to be happening faster than I can blog about it, which is in many ways a good thing. It’s also probably what Twitter was created for, but unfortunately, Twitter and I don’t quite get each other. We’re like co-workers who can get along perfectly well in the workplace, but in social situations we just sort of stare awkwardly at each other and make lame comments about the weather.

Anyway, the things! I must blog them!

Thing #1) If you haven’t read “The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies because you prefer to have someone else read your fiction for you, you’re in luck! The story is now available as a shiny podcast, where it receives a wonderful narration by Tina Connolly. So if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted tale about death, go forth and listen!

Thing #2) Daily Science Fiction has launched a Kickstarter campaign.  Among the rewards being offered are short story critiques by DSF authors like myself and many other awesome people. So if you’re a writer, you have a chance to both support an awesome publication and get feedback from one of the authors they’ve published. If you’re not a writer, there are other rewards available, so check it out! Because DSF? Totally worth it, if you ask me.

Thing #3) If you’re reading this post on my website and not Livejournal (and really, are there more than like five of us even left on LJ at this point?), you may have noticed that things look a bit different. I didn’t plan to spend my entire weekend redesigning my website, but I did. Was I procrastinating? Yes. Should I have been writing instead? Yes. Do I regret it? No, because the whole process inadvertently led to me to The Copenhagen Chansonnier, a medieval music manuscript with awesomely whimsical drawings of things like the lady conversing with a snail dude in my website header. You’re welcome.

Thing #4) Somewhere in all of the craziness that is my schedule, fiction has been accomplished! I’ve finally gotten around to revising some flash pieces that I wrote back in January, right before my spring semester from hell devoured all of my writing time. One of those flash pieces has already sold, one is making the submission rounds, one needs just a bit more tweaking before I send it out, and the fourth one is no longer a flash story—it got expanded into a 3,400-word horror story and has just started wandering around Submission Land looking for work. And it has creepy puppets. With nasty defecation habits. Once again, you’re welcome.


Shiny New Stuff for the (Almost) New Year

1) Shiny new website look here at The previous version was adequate, but limited in what I could add to it and not particularly interesting. This version is much more fun.

2) Daily Science Fiction‘s January line-up has been announced, and my story “A Song Never Tasted” is slated for January 14. If you’d like to see the story in your inbox that morning (and receive lots of other fiction on a daily basis to boot), you can subscribe to DSF for free. If you’d rather read it later, you can wait a week until the story’s up on DSF’s website. And if you don’t want to read it at all, then fine, be that way. Make me cry.

3) Shiny new reviews! (Oh, Google Alerts, what would my ego do without you?) “The Wounded House” is called “remarkably well-written” in D.F. Lewis’ real-time review of Black Static 20, and a review by Nicole McClain at The Portal has many lovely things to say about “Mortis Persona.”

Welcome to my shiny new WordPress blog

Just like the subject line says: welcome to my shiny new WordPress blog.  This is going to be a work-in-progress for another few weeks yet, so bear with me.  I was originally going to import entries from Livejournal since I’ll likely be cross-posting between here and there from this point forward, but I decided that I’d rather start this blog with a clean slate.  Anyone interested in my previous ramblings can find them at my Livejournal blog, Writerly Wackiness.  But for the uninitiated, a quick rundown of some things I often reference:

  • AsYouKnowBob = my awesome husband
  • My muse is a surly plumber named Jim Bob
  • I usually refer to the novel I’m working on as My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel