Shiny New Stuff for the (Almost) New Year

1) Shiny new website look here at The previous version was adequate, but limited in what I could add to it and not particularly interesting. This version is much more fun.

2) Daily Science Fiction‘s January line-up has been announced, and my story “A Song Never Tasted” is slated for January 14. If you’d like to see the story in your inbox that morning (and receive lots of other fiction on a daily basis to boot), you can subscribe to DSF for free. If you’d rather read it later, you can wait a week until the story’s up on DSF’s website. And if you don’t want to read it at all, then fine, be that way. Make me cry.

3) Shiny new reviews! (Oh, Google Alerts, what would my ego do without you?) “The Wounded House” is called “remarkably well-written” in D.F. Lewis’ real-time review of Black Static 20, and a review by Nicole McClain at The Portal has many lovely things to say about “Mortis Persona.”

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