Welcome to my shiny new WordPress blog

Just like the subject line says: welcome to my shiny new WordPress blog.  This is going to be a work-in-progress for another few weeks yet, so bear with me.  I was originally going to import entries from Livejournal since I’ll likely be cross-posting between here and there from this point forward, but I decided that I’d rather start this blog with a clean slate.  Anyone interested in my previous ramblings can find them at my Livejournal blog, Writerly Wackiness.  But for the uninitiated, a quick rundown of some things I often reference:

  • AsYouKnowBob = my awesome husband
  • My muse is a surly plumber named Jim Bob
  • I usually refer to the novel I’m working on as My Big Fat Epic Fantasy Novel


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my shiny new WordPress blog

    1. Thanks! I was getting a bit bored with my old website and wanted to be able to incorporate my blog into it. Thanks to a snow-induced day off from work yesterday, I was finally able to finish the darn thing. 🙂

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