Upcoming Publication: “God’s Gift to Women”

My story “God’s Gift to Women” will be coming out with Daily Science Fiction on March 7. Want to receive the story in your inbox that morning? Then get yourself subscribed to DSF. It’s free, and you’ll receive lots of other fun fiction on a daily basis to boot. Sure, you could wait a week until they post it on their website, but why delay your readerly gratification? (or your readerly condemnation as the case may be)

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Publication: “God’s Gift to Women”

  1. Just discovered you via DSF …. read your story…. serves the bastard right…. that pick-up line was old in ancient Egypt! … it’d be interesting to see what other trouble this guy could get himself into. Imagine if he and Q got together… hm-m, any possibility of further adventures of the anti-om god?

    P.S. ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’ is one of my favourite expressions (usually reserved for politicians)

  2. Thanks for reading and visiting! I hadn’t thought about any further adventures for my anti-om god, but there’s certainly potential for more there…and for crossover fan fic with Q. 🙂

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