Operation Remind Myself I’m a Writer

Operation Remind Myself I’m a Writer, Day One: The procrastination enemy has withdrawn to a defensive position. Fiction accomplished.

Day Two: The standoff with procrastination continues.

Day Three: Enemy regroups, distracts us with shiny objects.

Day Four: Our forces don’t even try. They just sit in the bunker, eating pizza and watching Iron Man.

Day Five: We finally pick up our weapons and take aim only to find out that the enemy built a Death Star while we were watching Iron Man.

Day Six: We fight back, but get our assess handed to us. Again.

Day Seven: Turns out that Death Star has an exhaust port…

[Disclaimer: It’s not my intention to make light of Memorial Day with a battle metaphor. My respects go out to those who have died on real battefields.]

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