Dreams of Suckitude

Several months back, I had a dream that that one of my upcoming publications with Daily Science Fiction had gone out and readers were unanimously agreed that it sucked as hard as a story could possibly suck, and then some.

The story went out for real this morning, so I woke up full of everyone’s-going-to-hate-it paranoia thanks to that stupid dream.  Much to my relief, the first reader comment on DSF’s Facebook page was “not bad.”  Irrational me had to refrain from dancing around the room chanting, “It’s not bad! I don’t totally suck!”

Stupid anxiety dreams.

2 thoughts on “Dreams of Suckitude

  1. Hi there fellow wordpresser … (we even have the same template! How spooky is that! – also shows what great taste we have.) I just finished your story in Daily Science Fiction (A Song Never Tasted) … Well done … I loved it … it operated so smoothly on so many levels … and included some great themes …
    … I always want more of a good thing. Is this a stand-alone story or part of a larger canvas?
    P.S. Also got a chuckle out of the title.

    1. Hello back! (And isn’t this a great template? Fun and colorful!) Thanks so much for the kind words on “A Song Never Tasted.” At present, it’s a stand alone, but it’s definitely a world and characters I could potentially explore more down the road…especially since I never know what my brain’s going to come up with next.

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