Ghost Writer to the Dead

Cast: 2
: Short (5 minutes)
Production: Haddonfield Plays & Players: Night of 1000 Plays (June 2017)

Description: A rookie psychic investigator is sent to take dictation from the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, who claims he has a new posthumous masterpiece to share with the world.

This Is the Way the World Ends

Cast: 2
Length: One Act (25-30 minutes)

Description: On a recital hall stage during the apocalypse, an atheist music student and a parking lot attendant struggling to regain his faith in God clash over their differing beliefs and a bag of chips as they come to terms with how they’ll face the end.

The Rehearsal

Cast: 6
Length: Short (10 minutes)

Description: The conductor of a small church choir is determined to get rehearsal started, but late arrivals, absences, and incessant chatter from the choir members all stand in the way.